Evolution Elite Hockey Academy offers premier 8U development program for the beginning hockey player.  EEHA follows the recommended USA Hockey ADM (American Development Model) program.  Under this model EEHA offers three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginners will have ice twice on the weekends, Intermediate will likely have ice 3 times a week and Advanced will have ice 4 times.

How long is a season?

The 8U season begins in October with teams placement in November.  The season runs into the first week of March.

What equipment is needed?

In addition to hockey skates, full protective equipment is required to play ice hockey. The following is required:

Helmet (HECC certified)
Shoulder and Chest Protector
Elbow Pads
Hockey Gloves
Cup or Pelvic Protector
Shin Pads
Hockey Socks
Hockey Pants
Mouth guard (for Peewee and older)


Playing the game is where kids learn that the game is, in its simplest form, fun.  If you can mix in age-appropriate training and practice with skills and athleticism introduction, kids will have even more fun.  To keep it fun, there should be a low priority placed on winning and losing and a high priority placed on just introducing the game to a young kid.


Once a kid learns to play the game and begins to develop skills and athleticism, hockey starts to take priority among other activities.  Skills become more refined, their physical and mental makeup is stronger and the friendships they developed early on continue to grow.  The games become more important and hockey in general becomes a bigger part of their life.


Now that they play and love the game, a higher premium is placed on excelling at it.  Tougher competition and more of a focus on mastering skills play an increased role in their development.  Hockey starts to take a larger priority over other activities, but above all, the game is still fun and the friendships that were forged back in Mites are as strong as ever.


8 and Under

Beginner            $2,850.00

Intermediate       $2,850.00

Advanced           $2,850.00

Uniform package  $490.00

Please note fees do not include personal equipment, registration with USA Hockey, and team fees (team activity expenses, tournament fees, transportation, lodging and coaches expenses for tournaments, and other team related expenses).