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Brett had a fantastic year with Evolution!  Everything went very well with top coaching and facilities.  He learned more hockey at EVO than he ever could have learned at Arapahoe.

Lauren and Jerry Kaplan

I think the program at Evolution has been wonderful. The on-ice time and the practices are 2nd to none.   Other organizations should take note on how you’re running your program!!  Thanks for everything you do!

Kevin L. Quinn

We have been very happy with Mite Major program. Jesper loves coming to the rink, to do both the on-ice practices as well as the AR workouts. Sergei is going a great job with the on-ice practices, working the players hard and with a purpose while still making it fun. Jesper comes off the ice with a smile on his face and always saying the practice was a good one.

Hakan Olofsson

I am proud to say my kids skate for Evolution and I can’t thank you enough for their continued advances in their skating techniques, puck control, shooting skills and increased speed.  Just to name a few.  I like how Evolution has highly trained coaches that have a sports degree from an accredited university.  They teach the kids great skills in practice and then they are able to apply them in a game.  I think it’s great that Evolution follows the Russian/European Ice Hockey System.  For instance, there is more time invested in learning the skills of the game verse playing games.  If the player does the drill wrong the coaches will have him go back and redo the exercise.  Or if a player is misbehaving he will be asked to leave the ice so that the rest of the players/coaches time is not wasted.

Evolution has by far the best off-ice strength training program.  The off-ice training exercises have certainly improved their agility, leg strength, quickness and speed.  This has given them more confidence on the ice.   I think my kids would not be the hockey players they are today if it wasn’t for Evolution.  If “playing sports mirrors life” than I’m so glad they’re learning from the best!

Tammy Foulke

Within one year of the program my son has increased his attention, discipline and performance in not only hockey, but in school, and every sport he participates in.  We see a significant difference in the attitude, commitment and level of play of the Evolution kids as opposed to others.  Our son has also made great friendships with the kids not only on his team, but the older teams as well, who serve as role models.

We strongly believe it is the best program for competitive hockey in Denver and look forward to many more years with Sergei and the Evolution Elite Hockey.


Peter and Amy Barnes

Evolution Hockey is the best kept secret in youth hockey in Colorado.  If your child is looking to develop to be the best player they can possibly be, then this is the organization to do it.  There is not an organization in Colorado that you get as much ice time and off ice training as you do at Evolution.  Evolution focuses solely on making each and every child a better hockey player.

I have had two boys at Evo for three spring seasons and the 2012/13 winter season.  Both boys have grown tremendously because of the ice time and professional coaching they have received.  This program is not for the faint of heart, but for the hockey focused child and family.  Not only do these children learn on ice dedication, but they learn that with hard work and focus they are able to achieve anything.

Hockey is not only a game, but a life lesson and why not learn from the BEST!

The Anderson Family

EVO was the 3rd organization we became a part of and we feel a complete blessing! 
My oldest son (Braedon), learned more and progressed more in 1 year w/EVO than 4 years w/league associations.
My youngest son (Brody - aka Jake) now has an advantage over hundreds of kids that play at the U8 level in the state due to the amazing ice time on full ice w/coach Sergei. 
It's more like a hockey academy or school if you will.  These kids are being taught by the best and they have many benefits that other league associations don't typically have (athletic republic off ice training center, and full ice no less than 4 days a wk., etc.).

Casey Greenwood

My son has played 2 Spring seasons and one regular season with Evolution and we are very pleased with the program.  My son is a goalie and I had parent after parent on our team tell me that he had improved so much during the year (in fact I was told he was the most improved player on the team).  That is really what you want from a hockey organization, you want you kid to be better at the end than he was at the beginning, and that is what we got from Evolution.  His improvement can contributed to the large amount of ice time his team had during the season, the great coaching, and the AR sessions.  My son is very happy and has no plans to play anywhere else, and that is the other thing you want from a good hockey organization, your kid is happy!

Kellim Family